- accomplished the wide line-up from light weight vehicle to passenger car
- accomplished the wide line-up with strict inspections as same as stock rotor
- adopted FC250 material and accomplished the appropriate reasonable price.
improved strength, heat-resistance, crack resistance and stable performance.
- arranged high purity molybdenum, copper and nickel for the special rotor.
accomplished the reasonable price with exchange type of stock rotor.
improved strength, heat-resistance, crack resistance and stable performance.
please click the following rotor for the details.
exchange stock rotor type and reasonable price for 240 different vehicles.
Disc rotor processing the slit for the standard type rotor

- straight fin structure with high level radiation of heat effect

By the original structure which inner fin of ventilated disc designed to the straight type, the radiation of heat effect is improved with air stream goes smoothly having wider interval of slit than stock rotors.

- optimal for street tune vehicles with reasonable price

Reducing the car owner's charges when changing the rotor and brake pads at same time. We adopted FC250 material for this rotor used for stock rotors and also this rotor can suit for 240 different type of cars.


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