Stainless Fitting Type Brake Line

Pursuing the best performance of braking force

ACRE Brake line is pursuing the best performance for brake pads and disc rotor to demonstrate the maximum brake force by changing the stock brake line to ACRE brake line.
Reducing the transmit loss by hose expanding with oil pressure, we believe the changing brake hose is good way not to damage the other parts performance.

Stainless Mesh Hose Clear Coating

Covering the clear coating to the stainless mesh hose, we developed the brake lines to protect the damage by stone and dirt and improved the durability. You can feel the differences of brake pedal touch with rigid impression. We adopted the stainless material with fitting part and press caulking (swage method) to assemble the lines to fuss over the details of lines for the safety reason and high quality.

1. Please read the installation guide carefully and use our products in proper method.
we can't be responsible for any claim of damage and guarantee for failure and accidents caused by bad air vent and mounting failures.
2. We may change the prices and spec without any notice. If we will change the prices or product specs, we will inform the details on our website.
3. Please note the color of products and the color on our website may looks small different.
4. Brake system product is one of the important functional components for cars. We strongly recommend you to seek from a professional mechanic with much experiences and skills to install and maintain our brake pad.
5. We can't accept the product return after fitting the product.


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